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XVR On Scene 2017 launched at User Group Meeting

The Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue services hosted this year’s XVR User Group Meeting in Exeter on 28 and 29 June. XVR users from all over the country came to Exeter to visit the User Group Meeting, where the new XVR On Scene (OS) version was presented and delivered.

XVR On Scene 2017
The launch of OS 2017 marks the conclusion to an extensive development period. XVR OS 2017 allows users to work far more efficiently by giving them the opportunity to copy previously-made automated scenario parts into a new scenario. It’s also possible to use pop-up screens to confront participants with a multiple choice question, which could trigger automated actions. Users were given the newest version at the end of the User Group Meeting.

User Group Meeting
The User Group Meeting is an annual success for XVR Simulation and is a very appreciated event amongst users. Users are able to exchange tips, ideas and knowledge amongst themselves and the XVR team. Moreover, users get some insight in XVR Simulations future planning for the product range and general operational management.