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The road to XVR On Scene 2017

Preparations for the official launch of XVR On Scene (OS) 2017 are in full swing. This year we are handling things a little bit differently...

After the delivery of XVR OS version 2016, we started an extensive process to stabilize and clean up the software code before we proceeded to work on new features to really ensure the quality of XVR OS. Quality Control Manager Dave Garbett: “This maintenance step will be very beneficial for future versions of XVR OS as it forms a strong, stable and reliable foundation for new features and demanding scenarios”.

Working on the foundation
Over the years, XVR On Scene has become an extensive program. Our responses to the demand for higher realism, larger scenario’s and a larger number of participants have sometimes led to issues and instability as we reached the limits of the original code base. Instead of keeping on building and expanding, we decided to take a moment to clean up the code, providing us with a sustainable codebase for the future, which is more stable and agile. 

Closed beta test 
Three different departments have worked full time on stabilizing the product over the course of the past year. Known sources of issues were fixed, and the entire code has been scrutinized to avoid future difficulties. After this stabilization period the program was given to a select number of XVR users during a closed beta test. The feedback from this closed beta will be used to fix blocking issues prior to launch, with remaining issues being scheduled for service packs. We will all be happy when our efforts ultimately result in an even more stable and reliable product.

Ongoing process
Launching the 2017 update for XVR On Scene does not mean we’re done developing and improving. Not only will we release fixes for remaining issues in service packs, we also keep on listening to feedback users give us. Dave Garbett: “Customer feedback is very valuable to us. With it, the three departments (Service & Support, Quality Control and Production) can keep on improving XVR On Scene”.