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XVR visits World Rescue Challenge 2022

In the second week of September, 72 teams from all over the world came together to test their mettle against one another in the exciting trauma and extrication challenges of the World Rescue Challenge (WRC) – and also to swap stories and insignia as a sign of friendship. XVR Simulation attended this year’s event in Luxembourg to deliver a series of workshops using XVR On Scene 2022 as well as lectures on current topics in VR training.

The World Rescue Challenge is a highly-anticipated annual event within the world of rescue services – it is an action-packed 4-day event of both fierce competition and merry comradery. Next to this year’s competitions, the WRC offered the possibility for participants to attend various workshops on rescue-related topics. XVR delivered workshops on topics such as the benefits of incorporating virtual reality training and e-learning into the training curriculums for rescue services, as well as what we believe the future trends and requirements of competence and skill training will be as new generations enter the services. On Thursday of the event, the ambassador of South Africa also received an introduction to the benefits of training with XVR.

Furthermore, teams could sign up to take on a virtual incident with XVR On Scene 2022 in a multi-disciplinary, multi-role scenario. One participant would assume the role of first responder to the scene using a head-mounted display, while the rest of the team assumed the roles of e.g. dispatch and other rescue services. The scenario tested the participants on multiple skill sets, such as communication, reconnaissance, and hazmat assessment, as well as how to perform calmly and professionally when bystanders (in this case a worried parent, played by the scenario operator) frequently interrupt and demand attention.

Last year’s challenge happened fully online, during which XVR Simulation assisted in facilitating the virtual multi-disciplinary extrication challenge entirely using XVR On Scene, with each participating team joining from their own location. “It was really great to see some of the faces from last year in person this time,” says Emiel Stevens, International Sales Representative from XVR. He also enjoyed meeting participants who competed in the trauma challenges, as some stopped by the XVR workshops to learn more about the kind of EMS-related scenarios that can be created using XVR On Scene, focusing on e.g. triaging and safety awareness.

On the last day of the WRC, the doors were opened to the public as part of the National Day of Rescue Services. The VR goggles proved to be a huge draw for both young and adult members of the public, and people were able to get a taste of what it might be like as a firefighter standing on top of a tall ladder or sitting in a helicopter, which was particularly thrilling for the youngest among them. During the day, the XVR booth was visited a crowd of enthusiastic citizens. 

“This was our first time attending the World Rescue Challenge on-site, and we really enjoyed the hospitality of the Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps, who opened their facilities for us as well as the public during this event,” concludes Emiel Stevens. “We are already looking forward to seeing the teams again at next year’s challenge.”