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SST to start training with XVR

Seville, Spain - SST has just completed their dedicated virtual reality training centre and are now ready to start training with the XVR Simulation Platform.

SST wants to provide the latest and most efficient Safety & Security Training. Antonio Lobera Callau, Business Development Director of SST, explains why they chose XVR: “We find XVR a very useful tool to provide the latest, most precise and in-depth training to anyone who comes to SST looking for professional counselling. Our motto is: Learning by doing”.

The training staff at SST is composed of members of many different backgrounds, like fire departments, Search and Rescue Teams, Private Security and Special Units from the military. The training staff is currently being trained in using XVR. SST follows a strict protocol; “you have to learn and understand something, so you can teach and explain something”. By doing this they can offer their students and partners the best training and benefits XVR can offer. After this phase is finished, SST will focus on training all the professionals in Fire Departments, Industrial Crisis Management, Special High-Risk Jobs, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Armed Forces and Private Security sectors.

Courses at the SST will start with a brief introduction to the virtual scenario, followed by a description of the possible locations where the emergency will take place. All students will have to follow certain guidelines. This will teach the students to feel comfortable in a time of crisis, without getting overconfident. It helps the student to achieve self-control and concentrate during the coordination of multiple agencies during incidents.

The next step during the course is getting familiar with the controls and having the students perform simple tasks in the virtual scenario. Then the student is introduced to the emergency at a low level (for first timers) to evaluate the adequate response and level of knowledge of the student. The Instructor will keep introducing difficulties, (elevating them from 1 to 10 depending on the student) until the emergency reaches its highest point. After the exercise, the students will make a brief report, which will be evaluated, giving the student full feedback on the do’s and don’ts of the procedure.

The XVR Training area at SST consists of 65m2 of Classrooms, 4 simulators, 1 command post, auditorium, Crisis Control Room and Crisis Media Room. The total training facility is over 5000m2, 1.822 m2 of which are fully equipped for lecture halls, conference rooms specialized training facilities and finally classrooms. For further information, please visit the SST webpage